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these days...

by fig + fauna farm on 11/05/12

I have so much to share and catching up to do. But just for today, here is a peek into our recent days...

Pictures are : Mussels shared outside / foraging chicken booties / boot ready / heirloom tomatoes / old new light / dear Wallace doing his thing


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1. Melissa said on 11/5/12 - 08:32AM
Always excited when I see a new post from you! I wish we still had tomatoes here.
2. Maja said on 11/6/12 - 12:33AM
Unbelievably beautiful!
3. Sylvia said on 11/7/12 - 12:59PM
I love the storytelling...These days of your have been wonderful...
4. Leigh said on 12/6/12 - 03:11PM
Your photos make me stop what I'm doing and dream - absolutely beautiful! Thank you.

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