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the love of heirloom pumpkins

by fig + fauna farm on 10/25/12

I can't think of a better way to spend a rainy October afternoon, than carving pumpkins. The sight of these blue heirloom pumpkins make me melt every year. Each one is so unique in shape and hue, I find the flavors are just as varied - some are sweet and juicy, while others take on a heavier starchy quality. The suprise itself is enough for me to bring one home from the market.

"Let's carve teepee's in them" said Dane.

It was a good idea, the knife works so well in those directions on a pumpkin. Three rhythmic slices in three directions, done. Teepee's and Diamond shapes wrapped the pumpkins like a thick lace and we were left with cut out pumpkin gems all over the table. What to do with them? A quick roast in the oven and we had a perfect Fall salad.

Have you ever tried pumpkin with the skin on? Roasted heirloom pumpkin skin is quite delightful! Some Blue Pumpkin & Squash varieties are: Blue Moon Pumpkin, Blue Hubbard Squash, Jarrahdale Pumpkin and Long Island Cheese Pumpkin


  • Pumpkin cut outs (approx 2'')
  • Sea salt, to taste
  • fresh ground pepper, to taste
  • 1-2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

Preheat oven to 375F. Put all ingredients in a medium bowl and  toss until well combined. Spread pieces in a single layer on a cooking sheet. Roast in oven and toss after 10 minutes, then roast for another 10 minutes or until pumpkin is soft and outside is slightly golden brown.

* I served mine on a bed of Arugula, with shaved red onion, pepitas and splash of balsamic vinegar.

Comments (13)

1. thecitygourmand said on 10/25/12 - 05:23PM
When you've got produce that good, everything's made easy! Great styling and photos, as always
2. Kitty said on 10/25/12 - 05:37PM
Your photos are Stunning. Love.
3. Rebecca @ Peanut Butter, Passports, and Epinephrine said on 10/25/12 - 05:46PM
Wow! I've never seen blue pumpkins in the market! Will have to seek them out. What a great idea to roast the scraps. It looks like a delicious salad!
4. Mint Julep said on 10/26/12 - 03:20AM
I am addicted to pumpkin, and I usually leave the skin on. I find that roasting it in the oven makes it buttery, stewing it makes it melt in the mouth... a curry with pumpkin and lentils is one of my ideas of Fall Heaven!
5. Melissa said on 10/26/12 - 04:52AM
Those are my favorite pumpkins to decorate with. I would have never thought to cook with them as well. Excellent idea
6. Eileen said on 10/26/12 - 08:50AM
Those simple shapes in the pumpkins are way appealing. Not to mention the beautiful color!
7. fig + fauna said on 10/26/12 - 04:28PM
city gourmand ~ yes! we are so lucky to have these gems! happy fall to you :)
8. fig + fauna said on 10/26/12 - 04:29PM
Kitty ~ thank you kindly! Love your sweet orange kitties ;)
9. fig + fauna said on 10/26/12 - 04:31PM
Rebecca ~ You might try whole foods or farmers markets. Hope you can get your hands on one - they are so beautiful! thanks for the note
10. fig + fauna said on 10/26/12 - 04:33PM
Mint Julep ~ You inspired me to make a curry squash soup this evening! thanks you - Fall heaven indeed!
11. fig + fauna said on 10/26/12 - 04:34PM
Melissa ~ thanks so much!
12. Erin [One Fine Pine] said on 11/2/12 - 04:46PM
I love that you used the parts of the pumpkin that you carved. Those heirloom blue pumpkins are gorgeous. Maybe I can find some at the farmers market tomorrow.
13. keishua said on 11/2/12 - 05:24PM
gorgeous photos and very yummy recipes. i am always impressed when people carve pumpkins. i have no pumpkins but i do have some squash. so i might modify your recipe for them.

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