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Christmas Scented Salt-Dough Ornaments

by fig + fauna farm on 12/16/11

Every year, we make Christmas ornaments for friends and family. Salt dough ornaments are by far a favorite, as they can be painted, molded or cut in any style and they won't break the bank either! This year, we scented our dough with cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger - all the gentle aromas that say "Merry Christmas".

We began by making impressions with semi  "conventional" items, like wildflowers and sage leaves, but as we got into it and ideas arose, we found ourselves trying out something a little different...


Some ideas came through better than others, but the imprints of chicken feet, toddler fingers and the seasonal flora was a way of marking the time we had - a wonderful time indeed.


You will need:

  • 1 cup all purpose flour
  • Spices of your choice
  •  1/2 cups warm water
  • 1/2 cup salt
  • Rolling pin or large bottle
  • Cookie cutters and items for impressions

Preheat oven to 200 degrees F. Mix flour, salt and spices well in a large mixing bowl. Gradually add warm water with a spoon. Then, knead the dough until soft and pliable. Roll out  the dough on a floured surface until dough is about 1/8 inch thick. Cut shapes and make impressions in the dough. With a toothpick or drinking straw, make holes on the tops of the ornaments to string later. Gently place the ornaments on a cookie sheet and bake for about one hour or until dry and hard. Let cool before painting and varnishing.

Comments (17)

1. Jenny said on 12/18/11 - 06:19AM
This is one of the most beautiful tutorials I've seen in a long time.
2. Fig + Fauna said on 12/18/11 - 08:03AM
Jenny - thank you so much. Happy holidays!
3. shanna said on 12/18/11 - 08:48AM
what a beautiful site you have here! and I love the look of these salt-dough ornaments---especially that the ingredients are pretty simple and inexpensive. will have to keep it in mind for next year! : )
4. fig + fauna said on 12/18/11 - 09:34AM
Shauna, thanks for checking us out! I love that this project is on the cheap too! Everyone recieves an ornament gift! Merry Christmas!
5. Amanda said on 12/18/11 - 04:00PM
On facebook I saw someone write that they will mold when stored with the Christmas ornaments. Do you find that this happens?? Such a cute idea...
6. fig + fauna said on 12/18/11 - 04:11PM
Amanda - I recommend sealing the ornaments with something like Modpodge or a spray sealer after they are baked, if you plan to keep them. Enjoy
7. Julie said on 12/20/11 - 05:15AM
Love these so much.
8. fig + fauna said on 12/20/11 - 08:35AM
thanks julie :)
9. Rachel said on 12/21/11 - 05:53AM
Besides spices, do you think you could use essential oils or extract to increase the scent?
10. fig + fauna said on 12/21/11 - 07:58AM
Rachel ~ Yes, essential oils would work PERFECTLY for this. You could apply them after they are baked as well.
11. Amy Love said on 12/21/11 - 01:56PM
How gorgeous- I love this and will be making these next year :) Thank you for sharing!
12. fig + fauna said on 12/21/11 - 02:03PM
Thanks Amy ~ Happy Holidays!
13. Mary Ann said on 1/3/12 - 07:23AM
LOVE these! Bet Dane has much fun helping! :-)
14. jen said on 1/4/12 - 06:45AM
thank you so much! i've been wanting to try salt dough. such lovely pictures. i'm giggling at the little chicken. she looks like she's enjoying crafting too!
15. Alana said on 3/11/12 - 01:40PM
Hi! I have found that I get a difference in colour between the top of the ornament (side up from baking pan) and the bottom... I tried flipping them a few times during the drying process but still had same result. I like the natural salt dough, but want the same overall colour on the ornaments, because they turn... Have you found this to happen to yours? Thanks. :)
16. fig + fauna said on 3/11/12 - 04:05PM
Alana ~ I know exactly what you mean. It does help to flip them frequently for the same effect. We usually put a stamp or some kind of signature on the back of ours. Glad you tried it -
17. Stephy-Lou said on 12/21/14 - 12:02PM
I wondered how you make the impressions with delicate items like leaves and flora without squidging the dough while making the impression or having fingerprints too? Thanks :)

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